Carol's 6th Sense
Carol's 6th Sense


My first venture was "The Clam Tote" which is a convenient, comfortable device for those people who enjoy claming. It is sturdy, dries quickly and won't mildew. Clam Totes go where you go - forget about your pockets. Clip 2 or more bags on each side and you'll get more than your quota of clams.


My tote is very versatile. It has evolved into "The Treasure Tote" for children as well as adults who love to collect shells, pinecones, rocks, sea glass, stones, etc. while at the beach or hiking in the mountains. Store the shore (and anything else) with these totes. Sand, dirt, and water drains from the sturdy mesh bags.


"The Handy Tote" is a hands free application when you need an extra helping hand. Great if you are on crutches or using a walker. Use in your garden or for shopping.

"The Shell Tote" is a must for target shooters; especially if you like to keep your empty shells to refill them. Keep loaded shells on one side and your empties on the other.

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